Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Facts & Figures

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is tracked using the measures below. Follow the links to see graphs and charts on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

  • CO Poisoning Hospitalizations can be used to assess the burden of severe CO poisoning, as people hospitalized are among the most severely poisoned cases. CO poisoning hospitalizations may also represent patients who require monitoring over several days because of concurrent health conditions or other complications.
  • Emergency Department (ED) Visits for CO poisoning can represent a range of CO exposures, from suspected exposure to severe poisonings. These ED visits include patients who are treated and released from the ED, and those who went to the ED and were subsequently admitted to the hospital.
  • CO Poisoning Deaths: a fatality is the most severe outcome of carbon monoxide poisoning. Deaths that result from unintentional CO poisoning are almost entirely preventable.