New Data and Measures for Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has launched new state-level data on nonsmoking adults and children exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) in Minnesota. ETS, also known as secondhand smoke, is a known human carcinogen and can cause adverse health effects in both children and adults. For children, health effects include sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), respiratory illness, middle-ear disease, and exacerbation (worsening) of asthma. For adults, exposure to ETS can cause heart disease and lung cancer. In fact, ETS is the third leading cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking and exposure to radon.

These data may be used by state and local health professionals, the public, and others to view ETS exposure trends over time in Minnesota and to learn more about preventing ETS exposure among nonsmokers. See the main landing page for Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) at Minnesota Public Health Data Access.

The Minnesota Environmental Public Health Tracking Program developed these data and measures in partnership with the Minnesota Center for Health Statistics at MDH. Minnesota Public Health Data Access is updated and maintained through funding provided by the CDC National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network.


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