New Interactive Maps of Cancer Incidence (3/29/12)

MDH has developed new interactive maps of incidence of cancer in Minnesota, available at MN Public Health Data Access. The maps include county-level data & measures for 1994-2008 for the incidence of female breast cancer, lung cancer, mesothelioma, and all cancer types (combined).

Maps and data on this website may be downloaded in different formats for use in spreadsheets, reports, and presentations. Local public health professionals and others may use these maps to compare county and state cancer incidence data to inform public health planning, assessment and action. MN Public Health Data Access provides a one-stop shop for access to health and environment data.

MN Public Health Data Access is updated and maintained by the Minnesota Environmental Public Health Tracking Program (MN EPHT) through a cooperative agreement with the CDC. Cancer incidence data are collected by the Minnesota Cancer Surveillance System (MCSS).

To view the new interactive maps, go to the main Cancer webpage and click on the “Map the Data” button.