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The table below shows all topics available on MN Public Health Data Access (the Data Portal).

Click a topic's name to view Information Pages for each topic. These pages contain important information, background, and messaging that will help you interpret and understand the data. Click the links under "Facts & Figures" to view charts and graphs about the topic. 

The "Query the Data" and "Map the Data" buttons are shown if data for that topic can be queried or mapped. Click one of these buttons to go to the Query or Map application.

Topic Name Facts & Figures Query Map

Air Quality link
Asthma link
Birth Defects link    
Cancer link
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning link
Chemicals in People: Biomonitoring link    
Childhood Immunizations link  
Childhood Lead Poisoning link
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease link
Developmental Disabilities link    
Drinking Water Quality link
Environmental Tobacco Smoke link
Health Insurance link
Heart Attacks link
Heat-related Illness link
Obesity link
Pesticide Poisonings link    
Poverty & Income link
Reproductive & Birth Outcomes link
Smoking link